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Consider these additional Lady Gaga Social Media Stats:

  • Her authority score is 100 out of 100 (this is wildly uncommon).
  • The phrase “Lady Gaga” was mentioned over 5 million times in 3 months on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ alone.
  • One out of six people on Twitter follow her.
  • If each of her followers retweeted her post it could reach 7.5 billion people (that’s the population of planet Earth).
  • 95% of “Lady Gaga” mentions on Twitter have positive sentiment.
  • In one day alone (5/17/12) Lady Gaga’s Facebook page had more than 500 wall posts, 179 comments, and 458 likes.

Truly a broadcast channel. The stats speak volumes – Lady Gaga on the social web isn’t about personal engagement.


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June 21, 2012 at 8:05

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