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Why the 2012 Presidential Race Will Be Defined By Data | DigitalNext – Advertising Age

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[…] As independent expenditures continue to fuel significant increases in online political advertising, we see the major new theme for the 2012 cycle as data. Using data platforms (such as Crowd Control, the data-management platform marketed by my company, Lotame Solutions), political campaigns and their digital agencies are able for the first time to seamlessly marry relevant and privacy-safe data sources to target their online advertising buys. These data sources include both offline registration data (brought online in ways that de-identify personal information while associating political affiliation and other relevant voting data with a browser cookie), and more traditional online data types, such as age, gender, geography and the interests and actions expressed by a web user’s browsing behaviors. By building audiences using these rich sources of data, campaigns can be concentrated and efficient in their advertising — to raise visibility, persuade prospects, earn donations and mobilize supporters.


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February 7, 2012 at 11:26

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