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This has the potential for moblogging.

[Post-publish edit] Well, the photo was published at its original size: 2592×1944 pixels. That’s far too large. I didn’t see an opion in Wavelog to change that, but I didn’t look.

However, there definitely ought to be an option if there isn’t. That size is completely useless for publishing to this blog where I want the max width to be 450 pixels.

And I noticed that I didn’t set a title for the post when creating it on the phone. So I’ve now added one (and changed the post’s URL to match).

Still, Wavelog has potential, I think, especially fgor moblogging. I’ll keep on experimenting.

Btw, the photo above is a scene in Regent Street, London, approaching Piccadilly Circus which I took through my car windscreen while waiting at traffic lights.


Written by nevilleh

November 15, 2008 at 17:46

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